I’ve led diverse teams in combat, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaders must be servants first. If we are to bring job opportunities back to Leavenworth, improve education, and build strong communities, we need leaders who put service above self.


For too long politicians have “talked” about creating jobs. As a small business owner, I’ve actually done it. It takes more than talk. We need to do the real work, making job creation and
opportunity our top priority.


Our kids deserve a quality education. As a professor, I can tell you that too many of our graduates are not college or workforce ready. We need accountability reforms to ensure our education dollars are achieving effective results for our students.

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About Pat

Pat Proctor served in the Army from 1989-2019. He and his wife Aree came to Ft. Leavenworth in 2006 and it has been home ever since. The Proctors own Baan Thai Restaurant, which they have built into the largest Thai restaurant chain in Kansas. Pat served in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Aree maintained the home front in Leavenworth, raising their two children. Since retiring from the Army, Pat has continued to serve through civic organizations and investment to revitalize downtown and bring jobs and opportunity back to Leavenworth.

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